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A Python library and command-line interface which pipes streams from various services into a video player.
Avoid resource-heavy and unoptimized websites, and still enjoy streamed content.

Streamlink was forked in 2016 from the abandoned Livestreamer project.

📦 Installation

Please take a look at the documentation for different ways of installing Streamlink:

👍 Features

Streamlink is built on top of a plugin system which allows support for new services to be added easily.

Most of the popular streaming services are supported, such as:

... and many more. A list of all plugins currently included can be found on the plugins page.

💡 Quickstart

After installing, simply run:

streamlink "STREAMURL" best

The default behavior of Streamlink is to play back streams in the VLC player, but a lot of other options and output methods are available, such as writing the stream to the filesystem, reading stream metadata, etc.

For more in-depth usage, please refer to the CLI documentation.

An API guide and API reference is available for Python implementors of Streamlink.

🙏 Contributing

All contributions are welcome. Feel free to open a new thread on the issue tracker or submit a new pull request. Please read first. Thanks!

❤️ Support

If you think that Streamlink is useful and if you want to keep the project alive, then please consider supporting its maintainers by sending a small and optionally recurring tip via the available options.
Your support is very much appreciated, thank you!