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Search, explore and download Lossless and Hi-Res music from Qobuz. Donate


  • Download FLAC and MP3 files from Qobuz
  • Explore and download music directly from your terminal with interactive or lucky mode
  • Download albums, tracks, artists, playlists and labels with download mode
  • Download music from playlists (Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube playlists are also supported through this method)
  • Queue support on interactive mode
  • Effective duplicate handling with own portable database
  • Support for albums with multiple discs
  • Support for M3U playlists
  • Downloads URLs from text file
  • Extended tags
  • And more

Getting started

You'll need an active subscription

Install qobuz-dl with pip

Linux / MAC OS
pip3 install --upgrade qobuz-dl
pip3 install windows-curses
pip3 install --upgrade qobuz-dl

Run qobuz-dl and enter your credentials

Linux / MAC OS

If something fails, run qobuz-dl -r to reset your config file.


Download mode

Download URL in 24B<96khz quality

qobuz-dl dl -q 7

Download multiple URLs to custom directory

qobuz-dl dl -d "Some pop from 2020"

Download multiple URLs from text file

qobuz-dl dl this_txt_file_has_urls.txt

Download albums from a label and also embed cover art images into the downloaded files

qobuz-dl dl --embed-art

Download a Qobuz playlist in maximum quality

qobuz-dl dl -q 27

Download all the music from an artist except singles, EPs and VA releases

qobuz-dl dl --albums-only playlists has a new feature for creating playlists: you can create your own based on the music you listen to or you can import one from popular streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube. Visit:<your profile>/playlists (e.g. to get started.

Download a playlist in the maximum quality

qobuz-dl dl -q 27

Run qobuz-dl dl --help for more info.

Interactive mode

Run interactive mode with a limit of 10 results

qobuz-dl fun -l 10

Type your search query

Logged: OK
Membership: Studio

Enter your search: [Ctrl + c to quit]
- fka twigs magdalene

qobuz-dl will bring up a nice list of releases. Now choose whatever releases you want to download (everything else is interactive).

Run qobuz-dl fun --help for more info.

Lucky mode

Download the first album result

qobuz-dl lucky playboi carti die lit

Download the first 5 artist results

qobuz-dl lucky joy division -n 5 --type artist

Download the first 3 track results in 320 quality

qobuz-dl lucky eric dolphy remastered --type track -n 3 -q 5

Download the first track result without cover art

qobuz-dl lucky jay z story of oj --type track --no-cover

Run qobuz-dl lucky --help for more info.


Reset your config file

qobuz-dl -r

By default, qobuz-dl will skip already downloaded items by ID with the message This release ID ({item_id}) was already downloaded. To avoid this check, add the flag --no-db at the end of a command. In extreme cases (e.g. lost collection), you can run qobuz-dl -p to completely reset the database.


usage: qobuz-dl [-h] [-r] {fun,dl,lucky} ...

The ultimate Qobuz music downloader.
See usage examples on

optional arguments:
  -h, --help      show this help message and exit
  -r, --reset     create/reset config file
  -p, --purge     purge/delete downloaded-IDs database

  run qobuz-dl <command> --help for more info
  (e.g. qobuz-dl fun --help)

    fun           interactive mode
    dl            input mode
    lucky         lucky mode

Module usage

Using qobuz-dl as a module is really easy. Basically, the only thing you need is QobuzDL from core.

import logging
from qobuz_dl.core import QobuzDL


email = ""
password = "your_password"

qobuz = QobuzDL()
qobuz.get_tokens() # get 'app_id' and 'secrets' attrs
qobuz.initialize_client(email, password, qobuz.app_id, qobuz.secrets)


Attributes, methods and parameters have been named as self-explanatory as possible.

A note about Qo-DL

qobuz-dl is inspired in the discontinued Qo-DL-Reborn. This tool uses two modules from Qo-DL: qopy and spoofer, both written by Sorrow446 and DashLt.


  • This tool was written for educational purposes. I will not be responsible if you use this program in bad faith. By using it, you are accepting the Qobuz API Terms of Use.
  • qobuz-dl is not affiliated with Qobuz